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Never traced a shipment online with us before? READ THIS FIRST!

  • Are you a customer looking to trace a shipment?

    Please note that Online Tracing is a tool created for our valued customers to trace past or current shipments. Only customers and billing parties are eligible for Challenger online tracing access. "Non bill-to" Shippers and Consignee must have written permission from the billing party to be given access to Online Tracing. With written permission, a sub-account can be created to give visibility to shippers or consignees as needed. If a customer would like a shipper or consignee to have visibility to only certain shipments, a separate username/password must be requested by the customer.

  • Are you a Shipper or Consignee looking to trace a shipment?

    As mentioned above, only billing parties are eligible for online tracing access. In order to trace your shipment, please contact the billing party directly, and / or obtain written permission from a representation from the billing party.

  • Help us create your account quickly!

    Please ensure the Recent Challenger Order entered is correct. This is the Challenger #, not the Customer PO# or BOL#.


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